Bucketful of Sunshine

A Short History

Walk down the city street on a given weekend, and chances are you’ll run into someone wearing a bucket hat. This headpiece might have seen its resurgence in the 2010s but it has its roots deeply rooted in the past. 

A common staple of modern streetwear aficionados, the bucket hat varies slightly in its modern design. From a more curved silhouette for the crown (the top part of a hat) to very short brims (the part that extends to shield the face from sunlight), bucket hats are versatile pieces.

The bucket hat is also an easier sewing project to start on, given that it is relatively small (compared to garments and other accessories) and there are not many pattern pieces to construct one.

I was inspired by Glory Allan’s reversible bucket hat and wanted to create a bucket hat that was also reversible. After all, I love things that serve a functional purpose and making it reversible means twice the size of the canvas for experimenting. This also harks back to the original functional approach the Irish used when they invented the bucket hat in the 1900s.


Multiple angles of the Bohemian side.

Making Amendments

After taking the circumference of my head, I drafted the pattern in excess for seam allowances and to compensate for stretching or puckering since I work primarily on patchworking scrap fabrics together. 

The bucket hat that I wanted to create had to have a shorter crown height and brim length as I have a small head circumference and my forehead is rather narrow.

A hat with a higher crown length would sit more loosely on the top of the head, and with that, the brim would be covering the eyes. A shorter brim is also to compensate for my narrow forehead, as I find the brims of most bucket hats too long. 


Sketches demonstrating shortened crown height and brim length

A reversible bucket hat is a versatile accessory. I wanted to push it even further by having one side different from the other, giving the wearer two distinct hats based on the occasion/mood/context. One side was to be flamboyant and the other side, subdued.

Further Scrutiny

The inner side of the brim peeks out and teases the viewer with the design that is hidden on the inside. This can add colour to an otherwise dull-coloured bucket hat or contrastingly providing some balance to an otherwise colourful side. 

The contrast between the bohemian and conventional sides is not stark enough. More colours and textures can be used for the bohemian side.

The next iteration can keep these considerations in mind.

– The Kind Oddball, 優しく個性的な人

Bohemian Side

Clean Side

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